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Cookies and tracking

Our website ( uses cookies to better understand your experience while visiting the website.

On this website, the usage of cookies is no way linked to any personal identifiable information. The cookies are only available while you are navigating online, once you close your browser, the cookies simply terminates.

You can reject the use of cookies. The only downside to this is that your web experience will be limited – you won’t be able to experience the full dynamic or tools that our website has to offer or was designed for.


  1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small files which are stored on your device and hold data relating to a specific website. Cookies are placed on your device by the website and accessed each time you browse the site. The cookies used by Noble Living Estate Agents are standard and harmless.


  1. Why we use cookies?

The use of cookies allows us to track, save and store information about your interactions and usage of the website (via Google Analytics), which allows us in return, to collect data that will help us improve our website by seeing which parts of the site are being used, how users are navigating to each page and what items on each page they prefer to click on.


  1. Which cookies we use?

We would like you to know which cookies Noble Living Estate Agents uses and why we use them. Below we have listed each of the cookies that our website and third parties (such as Google) sets with details as to why we use them. We have also included information about the time the cookie is kept on your device (is it kept after you leave the website, to be used when you next return – persistent – or deleted once your visit is completed and only used for that visit – session).


  Cookie Description and Purpose Type
Google &
YouTube Cookies
PREF This cookie is a standard cookie set by Google that stores your preferences (preferred language, web text size, web font, etc.). This cookie is in use because we display videos from our official YouTube channel. Expires after 2 years
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE A cookie installed by YouTube that measures your bandwidth to determine whether or not they should display the new player interface or the old. Expires after 8 months
YSC This cookie is set by the YouTube video service on pages with embedded YouTube video. Expires at the end of your session.
_ga These cookies allows us to recognise and count the number of visitors to our website and to see how visitors navigate the site. This helps us to improve our website development strategies to ensure the site is working as it should. Expires after 2 years
_gid Expires after 24 hours
_gat This cookie is used to throttlel request rate. Expires after 1 minute
*read Google’s Privacy Policy
acf-srf_test_cookie This cookie checks if user has enabled the use of cookies. Expires after 15 hours
wfvt_186059XXXX Cookie that contains information about your general geographical location and, in particular, your time zone Expires after 30 minutes
wordfence_verifiedHuman Cookie that scans and protects the website against malicious attacks. Expires after 24 hours


  1. How to opt-out of the use of cookies?

If you wish to deny the use and saving of cookies from this website on your device, we advise you to take the necessary steps within your web-browsers security settings to block all cookies from this website and its external platforms. Remember, the opting out will be applied only to the browser or device you are currently using, so you may need to change the settings again if you use other browsers or devices.We will make every effort to recognise and respect your choices, however, there is a small chance that not all cookies and similar methods of data capture will be covered by these browser or device settings.