Steps to moving home

Steps to moving home

Do you know the steps to moving home? If not were here to help, here is a checklist for you to look at to make moving house simpler. Great for first time movers!

Who should you inform when moving home?

After finding out your offer has been accepted, when moving there are a series of things you should be doing to ensure you are prepared so that everything can transfer over smoothly and so that you can have an easy move.

First steps to moving home

The first suggestion would be to inform important companies about your move, such as banks, utility companies and updating your licenses as these are used frequently for identification. Therefore, all documents you have, or financial organisations cannot send out your personal information falsely to the wrong place. This can then let your mind start off at ease when enduring your stressful move as you will be aware nothing is wrong, making your life that tiny bit less worrying!

Get to know the area

The next steps to moving home would be to research your new area for local news and facilities getting the best information on different schools for (if you have children) them to transfer to. This can then let you feel better as you will be able to look at the area your future will be a part of and let you get excited to move, after all if your not wanting to go urgently you could ask yourself, why are you moving there in the first place?

Let others know

Following your acceptance if you are currently renting you must confirm with your landlord or estate agent your moving date so that they can discuss your tenancy and find other tenants to replace you also, so you are not harming your contract. And make sure all your documents are kept together and keep it personally as you do not want important things getting lost or more conveniently download and save it all to a USB to ensure you always have the necessary documents and access when needed.

steps to moving home

Clear out and pack

When moving, it is an advantage to have a clear out as in the long run this can be useful as it will be less money on your removals and will make your unpacking easier with anything not wanted gone. This is a good step to take soon, as it can give you a base on what you may need to buy in advance for your new home making you extra prepared.

Finalising dates

Finally speak to your solicitor about exchanging contracts and finalising different dates of the move commencing. Check removal company’s availability and see if near a bank holiday is when you’re looking to move try to be as flexible with dates as you can as it can be within your benefit essentially.

Does your move have to be stressful?

The answer is no, not if you follow these easy steps to getting you moved in faster and to enjoy the process, impossible you say we say never.

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